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Thank you so much for this award KAT

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KAT is the face behind !...Misskatv Beauty Straight Forwards...!
I discovered her blog some weeks ago, so I'm kind of a new follower. She's the same age as I am and from the Philippines. She's describing herself as a Shopaholic and I guess she's just being honest, haha. According to her latest blog post she bought 20 nail polishes in 1 week! Not bad!!
Maybe you wonder "Eh? Why nail polishes?". Well, she's currently obsessed with nail design and she really does a great job!
Take a look at her blog, enjoy her nail designs and share you thoughts on everything beauty-related and more
So now it's time to talk about myself...alright, here we go:
I guess everyone knows that I'm 21 years old & currently living in Germany.
People who read this are readers of my blog..so I don't have to describe my blog right now...right? Haha~
Well let's talk about my current life:
So far this year is totally making me happy.
I've been to Tokyo, completed 2 internships, I've been concert staff & got accepted at one of my favorite universities.
Uni is going to start in October, so I decided to start a job and save some money until then...
Fortunately I could start the new job last wednesday, yay!
I'm a waitress now, haha...let's see how this will turn out...!
There are still lots of blog posts waiting for me to publish them...time seems to run away...I'm sorry!
It's sunday, 8 am... I hope everyone out there enjoyed their weekends!!
Ah! Speaking about enjoyment!!
I'm going to attend a few concerts in the coming weeks:
25th June - Maximum the Hormone
4th July - X Japan
13th August - Dir en Grey

Oh and one more real life fact:
I gained 2 penpals during the last weeks...
Both being my followers and hosts of blogs I love to read...
It's amazing how you get to know so many people through blogging...
I enjoy all of your comments and I want to thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog!!
I'll try my best to improve my posts and make you smile..
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