4th July 2011, Berlin - We are....X!!!

...and here it finally is:

My report about the X JAPAN concert in Berlin

[Be aware - this entry will be image heavy]

Well as you guys know I've been to Berlin from 3th July to 5th July to see X JAPAN
It was their first time in Germany, so I just HAD TO be part of it!!!
I still remember the time when I got to know X JAPAN...I've been a bloody beginner with Japanese Music, haha
But nonetheless I still listen to them and like them A LOT

Fortunately one of the friends I travelled with has an aunt in Berlin - cheap accomodation! Wohoo! No hotel costs !
But there was still the journey left...Berlin is not around the corner...and train/flight tickets were super expensive, so...lift-sharing!!!
Of course we didn't know much about the guy who was so kind to share his car with us and - we ended up waiting for nothing...he didn't show up. Luckily we had 2 more people who would drive to Berlin that day...arrived later than planed, but oh well.

This is what a subway station in Berlin looks like.
I want to do a Final Fantasy shoot right there!

As you can tell we arrived in Berlin at night time...haha.
Love how creepy everything looks in big cities...

My friend's aunt is living in a shared flat and was kind enough to borrow us her room:

Quite nice, eh?

Took those photos with my mobile cam...sorry for the crappy quality.

Went to bed around 2 am and woke up early to meet one of my dearest friends...Senja
She's living close to Berlin, so we just HAD TO meet!

 Good morning Berlin!!
[right photo: Sign saying 'It's not allowed to park bikes'. Well...Hello Bike!]
I've been too far away, but...there's a red sign between the trees over there...saying 'SUICIDE CIRCUS'.
I need to google that...makes me curious...

No, this is no Starbucks Promotion.
It's just one of my friend's holding her Starbucks Coffee right into my face xD
You can only see my right arm, haha~ oh and part of my white/black pants!!

Senja arrived a little late and our first stop was...

..a Japanese Restaurant!!! YAY
It's not possible to eat original Japanese food around my home town..so it was totally necessary to do this during our time in Berlin!!

And take a look at our wonderful mobile phones & wallets...
Guess which is mine?

After enyoing the delicious food we went straight across to some sight seeing~
Anna has never been to Berlin before, so she had to check out several famous places
I'll only bother you with this photo though, haha~

Our next stop was a Bubble Tea Bar...another thing you just can't enjoy at my hometown.

It was kinda hard to find the Bar...and I noticed a 2nd hand book sale in front of the University:

Bought those 3 treasures
Japanese for busy people (there are a lot of daily life informations inside!)
William Shakespeare - The Winter's Tale
The structure of Japanese association

..a few steps further we arrived at our 2nd destination:
The Bubble Tea Bar
I had Milk Tea with lychee bubbles super delicious

Later on I went to the venue to pick up Senja's concert ticket...

...the closer you're being to a venue the more fans you notice

Such a rainy day...but fans were still gathering in front of the hall hours before the actual entry started

Of course there were some Japanese fans, too!
Including this Cosplay group loved them~
The guy at the right side was a real Yoshiki fanboy...he was right at the opposite side of the balcony so I could hear and see him during the concert...even at the end he was still screaming "Yoshiki!!! I love you Yoshiki!!!"

Now onto the concert itself...I took some official staff photos to share the amazingness with you....
 Friend took this photo right at the beginning of the concert...oh my...so many people...and...

 ...such an amazing poster!!

 Yoshiki....Oh Yoshiki...
He was stage diving....why Yoshiki? Oh why?....~

The crowd...

I still can't believe I've been part of this perfect evening...Yoshiki heard that it's a fans birthday today, so...he tried to play 'Happy Birthday' on Piano...He kind of failed, but...such a great moment for the girl who had birthday!! I envy her guess she wont ever forget this night.
X were playing a good variety of songs...'Endless Rain' may be the highlight!
Toshi was amazed to see and hear that we were able to sing 'Endless Rain' all by ourselves...Heath, Pata & Sugizo sat down on the stairs...Yoshiki accompanied our singing with his piano...and Toshi was just...enjoying the moment. You could really tell that this moment made them super happy...
There's a record on youtube as well - watch it here.

Yoshiki & Sugizo were doing several solo performances...loved all of them.
Yoshiki even played Swanlake for us... ha~ such a great artist.
And...I didn't think I would say this, but...he's sexy. Unbelievable...sexy.
There's just one strange thing about his personality...as soon as he stops playing drums or piano...or is not walking around like he would be the sexiest thing alive...as soon as he's sitting down and opens his mouth...his appereance changes. Where's the hot blooded guy in tight leather pants? I can only see a small girl in her favorite flower dress. Wtf.
But...it's nothing bad to be cute AND sexy, right? Haha~

They were playing for around 2 hours - respect - and my voice started to hate me for singing and screaming "X" way too loud - and cross.

On our way home we stopped by a legendary Burger diner...at around 1 am, haha
I have to admit: The burger I tried...was AMAZING!!!

The morning after the concert I picked myself up and took some photos of the area around the shared flat:

 This is actually the door of the flat, heh

 ...and this is right at the opposite side of the street.

Noticed this as well ♥♥♥♥

Oh and I took a photo of some shoes one of my friend's bought in Berlin:
They are cute, right?

This is the shirt I got at the concert:
Should have bought one size smaller...but who cares? Haha~

Went back home by car as well this time our driver even showed up! Haha~
[And he was a super funny guy, too...]

Well I hope I didn't overload this entry...I just had to tell you so much about my trip to Berlin and I didn't want to split it up this time....
Oh btw...I was talking about finding a name for my posts about concerts before, right?
What do you think about 'Mutsessions' ? It's a combination of my nickname 'Mutsumi', the word 'Session' and 'Obsession'...because concerts just ARE my obsession...I can't deny it.
Let me know what you think ☻

Oh and to everyone who read this to the end: Thank you...

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