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1 month ago Momo from Sweet Ticket sent some examples of her super cute Jewelry to me
[I am sorry it took me so long to publish this! I didn't even notice it's a month now...]

Sweet Ticket is a shop for everything kawaii

They are selling handmade Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Pendants, Stickers, T-Shirts, Headphones & more!

But they are not just using random cute characters...no! There's a story behind each character!!

He won't stop smiling, even if the sun goes down. But please, don't eat him!
kawaii neko
A cute white cat, she's really shy; her favorite numbers are 0, 8, 1 and of course 5!
PanPan the Panda
moar drama! PanPan loves to show his emotions. Most of the time he's happy, but sometimes he shows his other sides too :c
A happy pair of banana siblings. BA and his sister NANA just love to hang around (on your ears) in the sun and enjoy the day. They never go out of house alone, they're always together!

I'm quite not sure whether I'm the only one who heared this, but....it seems like there's a V-chan as well!! V-chan...? I heared you love lemons...?

Well, let's forget about V-chan (for now) and focus on the jewelry I got

Beside the cute letter with Mr. Onigiri saying 'Arigatou' I got a PanPan Necklace, Doughnut Earrings & a Cream Ring
I guess I'm going to hand out those cute flyers at the next Convention!!

Let's take a look at everything in detail:

The PanPan Necklace
Not too big and not too small and I love his expression!
It's just like "Yo...I'm a Panda..."
The silver necklace seems robust as well, important!!

The Doughnut Earrings
And again: Not too small and not too big People will easily recognize them hanging on your ear - and fortunately they are not heavy, so you won't notice wearing them yourself!

This is probably my favorite...
The Cream Ring!!
I thought it's made of hard material..but it's not!
You can squeeze it and it'll always return to it's original shape, haha
Plus there are small diamonds...flashy cream ftw!
PS: Size adjustable of course!

Ah...I just have to share some more stuff I like:

The Headphones...probably the most popular item of Sweet Ticket.
They offer decorated Headphones in black, white & pink!
They are even offering customized Headphones...just contact Sweet Ticket and let them know about your Dream of Headphones!

I'm glad I had the chance to try their Jewelry and am proud to promote their Jewelry
Thank you very much!

And don't forget to enter their Giveway; it's ending soon!!

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