KERA 11/08 - sharing my favorites ♥

It's time for my monthly KERA post
I planned to add some more magazines...but I didn't want to put too many photos into one single entry...

The cover...I LOVE IT

Monthly Miku spam:

Seems like he had to rock Miyavi's NEO VISUALISM style this time haha

Killing shoot. LOVE IT.

I'm not a big fan of KERA make up tipps anyway, but...fake freckles?
What do you think about this?
I've got natural freckles and I like them, but I guess I would never paint fake freckles on my face. (beside Cosplay).

Seems like they feature Piko every single month as well..

...well, I love him & his style. So it's great to see him in KERA magazine

Onto my favorite outfits:

 Love BOTH outfits!! I would totally buy everything they're wearing!!

 This couple is featured in every kind of streetsnap-page/magazine in Japan. About 3 times a month. And I know why. They are amazing, especially the guy.

 Erm...Akira wearing high heels?
Oh come on...please...I don't want to see that.

♥♥♥ Harajuku Girls ftw ♥♥♥

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