Nail Tutorial: Zebra (X ♥) Nails

Jen was asking for a Tutorial of my Zebra / X Nails so here you go:

You need:

White Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish; preferable with a small tip
Top Sealer

First Step:

Put on several layers of white nail polish, it doesn't have to look perfect - you just need a white background (or any other color - be experimental! I did it with silver once)

Second Step:
Draw black stripes - again: they don't have to look perfect; you wont ever see a zebra with straight lines!

Third Step:
Cover your nails with a Top Sealer ♥ 

It's rather easy, right?

Good luck ♥ 

Oh and please share some photos whether you're going to test this!!

PS: I started a kind of diet I never tried before yesterday...hope it'll work! I'll let you know about the progress...maybe this is going to encourage me.

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sαchie said...

Wow such an easy tutorial! :D your nails look so cute!