I'm back ♥

Hello !

I'm really sorry for not commenting on your blogs or posting at mine for such a 'long' time...
As I said before I've been at my mom's for 2 weeks and it's totally impossible to enjoy internet connection over there....(=____=)
Nevertheless I enjoyed the time with my cats a lot ♥ 
Speaking about cats...I only introduced one of my cats so far, so...this will be a rather personal post today

So THIS is Mio my 2nd cat~

White socks

 & white tips at the front paws
+ 3 white 'stars' at his chest~


 He's evil...but cute

 Size difference! Wohoo!

& Mio sitting on top of my new bag
(I didn't show you this bag yet...right?)

Ah and now I feel like posting more photos of other stuff would be too much, so...I'll stop writing now, haha.
I'm feeling super sick anyway...dad is going to get some medicine for me later & I shall lay down again now. Good night!

PS: Remember I'm on a diet right now? I achieved diet goal #1 let's head to #2! It's not that far away (*___*)

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