Tokyo City ♥ PART II

Hello Hello ♥ 
How's everyone doing?
Aaah the current weather situation in Germany makes me sick~!!
Last week you couldn't leave the house without a jacket or even a scarf...this week wearing a small shirt is too much!! My head hurts, I feel like throwing up & I want to sleeeeep...~
Furthermore I'm currently cat-sitting~ (like baby sitting, you know? haha..just cats )
My mom enjoys holidays while I'm cleaning the house << 
Wouldn't be that bad, but...the internet connection at my moms' sucks. It's super slow & my netbook is just....trash. It's small...slow...and not able to let me hear any sounds anymore, ew.
Idk why but I can't even post comments on several blogs...? Disqus works, but...the common blogger comment system doesn't seem to work. So sorry for not commenting your blogs for this week and the next!! There's still so much to blog about...gaahh...~!!

Well, enough cant.

Let's enjoy some more photos of Tokyo City

Group picture~ say cheeeeesssuu~!!

Loved the contrast....
To your left: trees, water & a lot of space
To your right: skyscrapers & buildings cranes

Walking our way to the Emperor's Palace~

This seems so Japanese...right? ♥

Cute lady taking some photos of her well dressed dogs~

Swan!! Great decoration, haha~

Contrast again~

Tokyo Family, including the stylish Dad~

Tokyo Tower!

Seems like there was a kind of important meeting that day...cars with flags of several countries came out of the secured place~
Of course I had to snap the German one haha

Ah....I'm listening to the new Kuroyume single 'heavenly' right now ... LIKE
Anyone else interested in Kuroyume, SADS or Kiyoharu?

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