♥ New Layout & Hair ♥


Finally created a new layout:

It's kind of a mix of 2 layouts I already used before...
Keroro for example, he has been here before welcome back~
Same to the Deathgaze Cat in the middle, welcome back
Jiji (The black Cat (Kiki's Delivery Service)) is new though!
Decided to use photos of myself this time...including 2 Cosplay Shots 
Grell Sutcliffe (Kuroshitsuji) & Charizard (Pokemon).
Background is originally COCO LULU's Ameblo Background, haha.
Same 'logo' as before and well yeah...プリクラ FTW!

So..please tell me your opinion Like it? Hate it? Love it?
I would be glad to receive some helpful suggestions as well
Oh and please let me know whether there are any problems with the new layout and/or you can't view it correctly!! (SHOULD look like the screenshot above)

And now onto the 2nd topic: THE HAIR

Decided to cut & color my hair again...

Tried to let them grow, Black & some sort of bright Brown.

 ....I tried to let them grow, eh? Erm...fail.
Short & Dark Brown/Black

I'M A PIRATE (wearing my X JAPAN shirt) ARRRR

...super serious mood today.

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