♥ Tokyo Disneyland ♥ PART V


So...this is going to be my last Tokyo Disneyland post....
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do o(TωT )

Random Park Snaps:

Beautiful Café

Tree House (everything made of plastic of course - the leaves and everything was looking real though!!)

Funny ride I took with Traumfrau


Modern Playground

Kart Racing!!

Took some photos while waiting in line for Space Mountain...this one is my favorite:

And this one too I guess....sun set while we've been standing in queue.
Such a long wait...

...but it was totally worth it
I like how you can see the Disney Castle from almost every corner of the park...

Now onto the Shopping Paradise in Tokyo Disneyland:

...huge load of shops selling the most cute Disney things you may have ever seen.

And last but not least:

The Castle by night

All things considered Tokyo Disneyland seems like it's mainly a place for young couples, not childs. Am I right?
Of course there are a lot of Families including little children, too...but...the young adults were just overlaying 80% of Disneyland, haha.
Nevertheless I enjoyed Disneyland a lot even without having a date, haha~
& I guess my attendant, Traumfrau , enjoyed it as much as I did.
(...and Disneyland wasn't even the main attraction of this hilarious day..haha...I still can't believe what happened after...)

Goodbye Tokyo Disneyland... hope I'll meet you again~!

PS: Can you believe we met one guy 6 times in Tokyo? At different places?

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