Connichi 2011 ♥ [Image heavy]

I'm back
Been too tired to post this yesterday...sorry 。(´д`lll).

"Connichi" is my favorite German Anime Convention & it's probably the biggest one in Germany, too. [Counted 18.000 visitors this time, yay~]

Everything started in Ludwigshafen, Germany...2002.
Unfortunately I wasn't familiar with the German 'Anime-Scene' back then...so I started attending the event 'Connichi' 2003 and it's growing from year to year..amazing!

Met a lot of people this time...including Jenny, Maikel 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet Conny and some other people this time..

Well, let's take a look at some Cosplays

Misha cosplaying Kari [Digimon], a random guy cosplaying Tai [Digimon] & Traumfrau cosplaying Grell [Kuroshitsuji]

Ciel's employees getting killed by Grell Sutcliff!!

Extremely amazing Kotetsu & Kaede [Tiger & Bunny]!!! + Kiki & Jiji [Kiki's Delivery Service]

Yes, even demons need human help!!

Angel & Pikachu

 Maxi's Nails

 One Piece!!

 Maxi & Traumfrau talking to an Assassin 

 Sashi's Shoes!!

 Misha again & Maxi

 Sashi cosplaying Rachel Alucard [Blazblue]

 Hebi cosplaying Esmeralda [Disney]

 Kathi cosplaying Asuka [NGE]

 Kuranosuke & Tsukimi [Kuragehime] + Coraline Cosplay!!

 Tiger & Bunny again

 Friends [part of them cosplaying Vocaloid]

 Misha cosplaying Vocaloid & Sashi being herself, haha

Now let's take a look at my Cosplay...I know some of you were looking forward to seeing it:
[It's not that good though, haha...~]

I should stop cosplaying male Characters...my face is too round.
 Sashi & Me
[Rachel Alucard & Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue)]

Huh..? You're trying to challenge ME?
You must be kidding Rachel...

 Stop taking photos...

& last but not least: Me taking stupid photos @ the hotel~

 Went to the Karaoke Room at Sunday & enjoyed this guy a lot..he was dancing and singing like a King.
[oh and I noticed that one of my friends is a really good singer...wtf]

 Flying Lamb driving me home & some station romance

Coming up next:
Connichi GETS 
EOS 3D Series G-212 Circle Lense Review 

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hi n_n! seems that you had a great time!

All those cosplays look great

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