Re:No [KERA] inspired Neon Leo Nails ♥ - Step by Step

Good morning

It's saturday (*_____*) yay!
Went to see a doctor yesterday...had to sit in a waiting room for 3 hours, wtf.
Luckily I had a book with me....
Well the doc gave me some new medicine, I hope they are going to work this time!
I have to be healthy in 2 weeks!! No Cosplay while being sick for me!! (ò____o)

Soooo~ let's head to the main topic of this post
I'm always looking for interesting nails to get some inspiration...mostly copying CO&LU & KERA nails though, haha.
This time I tried to copy Re:No's nails you guys know I love this girl, right?

clean nails

paint your nails with several colors
[I used Dark Pink, Neon Green, Red, Yellow & Blue; same as Re:No]

add colored dots
[used the same colors as before, just a brighter Pink ('cause Re:No did that as well, haha)]

draw small C's around the dots and add some random spots
finish with top sealer


Re:No's Version:
I think I did a good job, it looks almost the same.
Only difference: Re:No added some small rhinestones...I didn't 'cause I know they are going to bother me after some minutes.

...and my mobile cam changed the colors a little bit. Tried to get them back via photoshop...fail.

Oh and I want to share the names of the products I used!
[because they are cute, haha]

p2 Color Victim 232 shockful
p2 Color Victim 580 funky
p2 Color Victim 240 joyful
p2 Color Victim 260 drama
Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen & Brush Red & Black
IsaDora Wide Brush Wonder Nail 617 Dolce Vita
essence Studio Nails 'better then gel nails' Top Sealer

♥ Have a nice weekend everyone ♥

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