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Aloha dear Followers
I hope you're doing fine!

I'm still sick...and on saturday my 8mm plug (right ear) ripped D: it's still bleeding and I'm trying to let it heal...guess I'll have to stretch it again, sigh~

So, let's take a look at the new KERA issue

Kyary gracing the cover perfect 

& a Kyary BATH ROOM FANTASY special:

I like this one the most

 The current issue also features a monomania promotion page
monomania is one of my favorite Japanese brands the guy on the left is my fav monomania staff, heh~

&& monthly PIKO and Miku KERA spam
 Pike holding...a cow.

 And Mikue being upper cute

'What's in your bag?' seems to be really popular and KERA revealed some interesting bags:

 First: Kanon
...what a nerdy bag.
But I guess everyone knew his bag would look like this, haha.

Second: Miku
Stylish bag love it~
And of course, being a proud music artist, he's carying notebooks & merchandise with him. 

 Third: Re:No
A hair straightener! Of course

Now onto my favorite coords:

 Love Akiras complete outfit I need to get some white creepers...
And I want Re:NOs top!! My arms are monkey arms...so I guess the sleeve wouldn't be as long as it is shown..but..I could try (TAT)

 Oh my I love this street snap you're looking awsome girl!!!

 No comment. Just: Wow.

 Everyones favorite couple wearing super stylish stuff

 Akira ready to make your favorite desserts!

 Ayumi rocking her awsome private style

 Love this outfit...but I would look like a fool.

Akira Fanservice.

And last but not least:

Doll Stockings!!!
I would TOTALLY wear them!!
How about you?

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