Mutsessions: 『オトノクスリ箱037 Happy Rabbit Year's Party♪』 TOKYO, RED ZONE 2011/1/6

Let me introduce this guy...

..this is Shigure.

Some years ago I stumbled over his ameblo because he sent me a peta.
[I guess everyone here knows ameba and the 'peta' function...? It's kinda like 'poke' on facebook]
A lot of bands use 'peta' for promotion.
[and as you can see it works from time to time]
I checked out his blog..translated a few entries..browsed his photos...and found out he's playing the bass for uBuGoe (well back then...he left uBuGoe last year).
Fortunately I've been able to listen to a few uBuGoe songs and I started to like them in an instant
So Shigure being a nerd who loves cats, food, music & to sleep totally catched my attention. I'm still translating each of his entries, haha.

He was part of the following bands:

Gill'e cadith(ジルカディス)

And is currently supporting:

Annie's Black
the rehdoric

...yep, he's supporting a lot of bands. I don't know what's wrong with that guy for hopping around like that...he's even doing some other 'one-time' projects with a guy from 12012 & Mana for example. Musicians seem to know him...but due to his 'I wont ever be part of a band for longer than a few months' attitude his fanbase is...tiny. Super tiny.

Being a loyal reader of his blog I noticed that he was going to play with THE"FUZZ" during my time in Tokyo. I immediately messaged the venue and asked them how to get a ticket...reply was:

Thank you for mail.
The ticket on January 6 was reserved.

・Performance day/January 6
・Price of ticket/\2500(+One drink ticket \600)

By RED-Znne

...I was just asking for some more informations, but thanks for reserving my ticket! Haha~
Nervousness raised and finally the day came...2011/01/06 went to Otsuka (part of Tokyo) with Traumfrau and had a hard time finding this typical Japanese VK venue....:


See the small green/white side hanging at the door?
It said 'closed'.
Being a foreigner and confused about how to get my 'reserved' ticket Traumfrau & I decided to head into the venue and ask the first Guy who's showing up in front of us....

...VK flyer/poster hanging around everywhere part of them including signatures and messages.

..looking back to the exit...but there was no escape, I just had to ask how to get the ticket.
Inside we were lucky enough to find a kind of information table. The guy was looking at us a little bit shocked and began to talk immediately...unfortunately we didn't understand him until he showed us a guest list:
A guest list with my name on it (*___*) ahaha~
I explained that I was the girl on the guest list and he was visibly relieved xD.

Owning my ticket and knowing for sure that I'm going to see THE"FUZZ" we went to Starbucks.
...nervous me didn't get to drink even half of the hot chocolate.

So back to the venue...went in...got a few flyers, a small CD, a survey (where you had to judge the musicians appereance & show) & a pen ♥.
Guess what? They even had an english survey ready for me...only because I sent a mail months before..ahaha...seems like it was worth it. Thanks a lot dear RED ZONE Team .

Now onto the show:

 『オトノクスリ箱037 Happy Rabbit Year's Party♪』

THE"FUZZ" / MiU / Antikythera / アエカリ
THE"FUZZ" (excluding the guy with the dotted top & fur)

This is Shino, vocal & guitar
He's currently supporting THE"FUZZ" because Kentty (Black hair, white shirt) left the "THE"FUZZ" project for ARTEMA.

Want to know how many fans attented this concert?
I guess around...15? Haha~
And due to this manageable crowd it was very easy for the musicians to interact with each and every person...and of course look at the strange foreigners over there.
Ahaha...it was unbelievable embarrassing.
Two comedians filled the gaps and entertained the fans while the musicians were busy preparing the stage...Oh my oh my...I think they were talking about us once, but we didn't understand them (TAT)/) sorry!

Well nonetheless we enjoyed the live...especially THE"FUZZ".
I expected Shigure to be pretty small and looking average.
Climbing up the stage he surprised me a lot...he's super tall, has unbelievable shiny white tooth and...looks extremely handsome. That guy is just...hardcore unphotogenic.

Found out later (through his blog) that he was incredible drunk that night:
Backstage shot, he's the guy in the back.
Being drunk didn't seem to detain him from making a successful show

 So..in the end I had a lot of fun and went home with the things you see above
[forgot to take a photo of the pen though...]

Tried to get a checki of Shigure....failed.
 Guitar & Vocal

Erm...at least I got Shigures back, eh? Haha~

Me being optimistic:

This entry may explain why I chose to mix the word 'obsession' with 'mutsumi' for this series...ahahaha~

To those people who read until the end:
Thanks a lot
Concerts are an important part of my life, so I wont ever stop to write about stuff like this and I really hope that someone out there is interested in these kind of posts...♥

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