Introducing one of my favorite brands: monomania

It's time to let you know more about my favorite brands

Currently I'm in love with 

Some of you may know this brand from KERA magazines I'm a loyal reader of their blog and I enjoy their daily posts a lot~
It's like they combine my love for wide clothing and my love for rock ah~
Guess it's good that there's no monomania shop in my country...
But unfortunately they are not even shipping overseas...;; I'll try to get something via Rakuten though...I just HAVE TO buy something as soon as possible...!!
The only fact that avoids me from trying to order via Rakuten is:
The horrible communication with Rakuten...and the shipping costs.
Damn you wonderful Japanese brands. Why do I like your fashion?!

They offer mostly shirts, but you can find a lot of pants, skirts & accessorries as well!

Let me show you some of my favorites of the current collection:

 This shirt!
The cut is fantastique & unique ♥ also the material they used

Great big backpack ♥

 Wonderful necklaces ♥
 Typical monomania mascot shirts ♥

Jacket (*____*) would love to own this!

Now onto my fav staff coords:

This guy does the best job styling-wise

 Right shirt: "Wer nicht wagt der nicht gewinnt"
German sentences on Japanese brand clothing FTW! haha~

 Ah... I would totally wear their clothing exactly like that~
And one day I'm definitely going to own at least some accessories and a shirt
[...and I would love to own one of their shopping bags, just possible with entering their store though eh...(._____.)]

 Most of my readers dress up very girly...would you consider wearing clothes like that though?

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