[Review] - 2 way Yellow Dotting Pen Nail Art Ball & Brush

Hello hello everyone

Received my first sponsored product to review for bornprettystore last week! Yay!

It's a "2 way Yellow Dotting Pen Nail Art Ball & Brush"

Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope)   
Shipping period 
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 

Now onto the product:

 One end with a Brush
Another end with a Ball

 It's possible to paint your whole nail with the included brush, though I wouldn't recommend it because the polish is rather sticky and made for more detailed work.

(Chose black nail polish to show the covering power.)

Covering Power  ★
Had to apply 2 coats to achieve covering yellow color.
Color                   ★
Not neon and not too 'dirty' (Yellow is a though color haha)
Ball end              ★
Tends to build up pressure & wont stop running for a few minutes, but I guess this is going to decrease while using the pen more often. Oh and it's a little bit hard to open the cap.
Brush end           ★
Works for small and broad lines, tiny bit too long to work detailed though.

Product in General 

Contains enough nail polish to serve you for months and it's really handy for detailed nail art!
I definitely recommend this Nail Art Pen!
(Available in Mysterious Purple, Gold, Navy Blue, Red, Sweet Pink & Yellow)

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