KERA 11/12 - Sharing my favorite pages ♥

Good evening ♥ 

Fiiinally someone uploaded the latest KERA issue!!!
It took them way too long, haha~
Aaaand: I DON'T like those huuuge watermarks at all!!!

KERA 11/12
Cover: Takeru (SUG) & Re:NO (*______________*)
My beloved girl graces the cover, yay!!!

Cover shooting:
Isn't she looking gorgeous? (*____________*)

Make Up Tutorials:
セクシーパンク...ahahaha (Sexy Punk)
I don't like the tutorial names xDDD POPロック (Rock) is not better at all xDDD

Veeery cute Make Up I shall try them someday~

Really cute street snap:
Love the girls expression!!

Monthly Miku (An Cafe) Spam:
Ahaha...I want him to bake for me
Oh btw: I'm going to see Kanon on Saturday, yay!

Amazing MILKBOY promotion:

Things I want:
...still in need of a bag like that. Grr.
(It's Deorart btw)

Too cute (TAT)

(Did I ever tell you that I'm a member of his fanclub...? haha)

The tail!!!!



The hottest.

Monthly PIKO spam:
...way too cute for being a guy

..her bag!

And last but not least:


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