Rock Style Magazine Mix - Sharing my favorite shots ♥

Good evening!!

It seems like you guys enjoy my KERA posts so I thought it couldn't be wrong if I would prepare such posts about other magazines, too...!

This time it's the Rock Style Magazine Mix.

It's a magazine of various J-Brands shown by several models and/or popular J-Musicians.
[Scans by trau_matic]
Of course Takeru (SuG) is on cover.
I'm not into SuG at all but I'm a KERA fan, I have to deal with his face in each issue and...he's really good looking.

A few shots of his cover shooting for Rock Style Magazine mix:

 ...hot or hot?

Furthermore there are a few Men's Knuckle models (well one of them started a band...so I guess that's the reason for him being featured in this magazine):

 Komatty (Naoki) - Men's Knuckle model & Jury Black Staff
[Yes, he's a Takeru fan]

 Kentaro Mens Knuckle model & Ladyant Black Vocal

 Touma & Kentaro both members of Ladyant Black

Mix Speakers, Inc's SEEK:

 I didn't know he's so good looking D: I LOVE his style!!

D's Ruiza & Kra's Yasuno
Both rocking such an amazing style.. especially Ruiza!!

 ..forgot who this is, but: I love his outfit!! Especially the pants! (T^T) I've been looking for pants like that for months...

And last but not least:

My favorite monomania staff Yukke has also been featured yay

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