Work, University, Work & a Scribble

Good evening my dears ♥ 

I'm not updating regularly at all...I'm so sorry.
University turned out to be more stressing than I have thought, haha.
Furthermore I accepted a 2nd part-time job....2 jobs now, yay.
Last week has been looking like this:
Monday: University [basically after a weekend without sleep 'cause I've been in Bochum]
Tuesday: University in the morning/noon & work in the evening
Wednesay: University in the morning/noon & work in the evening & hanging out with friends till 9 or 10 pm
Thursday: skipping university & Dentist in the evening
Friday: Work from morning to evening
Saturday: Work from morning to evening & going out with friends till uhm...1 am?
Sunday: Translation for MJP & CHILL

So basically...had no time to blog at all.
I try to combine work, uni & friends.
This week wont be super different either...been to uni today, tomorrow the same + photo date & writing paper, work on wednesday and start the 2nd job on thursday. Yay.
Why is money so important....? I feel like I should concentrate on studying...not on money. But it's really important 'cause my parents don't have any money and I'll have to  finance an upcoming practical training overseas...sigh.

Well, onto something more positive:
Say hello to the Host
[...now I feel like I've posted this before, wtf.]

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