Christmas Gifts ♥

Aaah I know I'm late!! Sorry!!

But here we go:

Due to my love for penpals I received quite a lot of really beautiful christmas cards Thank you so so so much everyone!!!

But I didn't receive only cards....

Selfmade Chocolate (White & Dark Chocolate, Oreo & Almond)
[Thanks to Anna ♥]
(Also thank you for being kind enough to watch Kiki's Delivery Service; I still feel like you didn't like that movie)

 Keroppi Candy Magnet 
[Thanks to Zero ♥]

  Jiji Mobile Strap 
[Thanks to Sashi ♥]

Bath Set
Hand Warmer
MEGANEKO Mobile Strap
WanWan Socks
[Thanks to Sayaka ♥]

Alpaca Key Holder
Gloomy Shaped Necklace
CO&LU Mouth Mask
Bear Earrings
Googly Eyes Ice Cream Mobile Strap
Pink Faux Fur Fox Tail
Star Earrings
Mario Mobile Strap
[Thanks to Sami ♥]

Swimmer Memo Set (including a Notebook, Pencil, Mininotebook, Hand Towel & Button)
[Thanks to Mio ♥]

Disneyworld Buzz Lightyear Shirt!!! (Front & Back)
[Thanks to Ande ♥]

Vanilla Bath Set
Christmas Card (including Gift Coupon)
Circus Circus Gold/Black Nailpolish
Picture Frame including Picture of herself & me 
[Thanks to Hans ♥]

Hello Kitty Chocolate Colored Headphones
Letter Balance
List of Prices of the German Postal Service
Douglas Gift Coupon
[Thanks to my beloved Mom & her friends (we were celebrating Christmas Eve with two of her colleagues)]

Oh my...I can't thank you guys enough for so many gifts ♥♥♥
I hope you liked mine as well!!!

Next post will be either a Concert Post or another GETS post...we will see (x____X)/)

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