KERA 12/2 - Favorite's ♥


LOVE the cover, haha HELL-O KYARY

Unfortunately the cover whas this issues highlight D:
Want to know the reason? Re:NO is currently in holidays (New Zealand) and I DON'T LIKE KERA WITHOUT HER!!
But you can definitely tell she wasn't able to participate in a lot of shootings for this issue.

Let's start with the Make Up Section:

This is similiar to the Make Up I've been trying on NYE~
BUT I'll definitely try exactly this version someday, too

Oh well and this is...KERA.
But I totally had to include it in my post, haha.


Nice coords
Too cute!!!
Just...the hat D: no! (well at least not with that outfit dear...)

Street Snap Introduce this girl to me please
Loving her whole appereance

And I can't say no to this girls style either.
She's always wearing similiar things but her Hair & Make Up is really special

...uwah another wonderful coord~
One day I'm definitely going to wear my pants like that!!!
Show your socks people!!!

And last but not least:

Monthly Miku Spam

Enjoy your weekend everyone

PS: Re:NO Holiday Special because I just can't post a KERA post without her excellence:

 ...sunny weather = almost naked Re:NO

Oh and she even got another Tattoo:


Something is wrong with that one!!

Oh ssshhh I know you love me girl~

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