Mutsessions: D VAMPIRE SAGA in EU ~Path of the Rose~ May 17th at Werkstatt, Cologne; Germany

Fiiiinally going to post this report!!
I'm so sorry guys

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Did you guys know I'm a translator/reporter for the online magazine musicJAPANplus (MJP)?
Well...I am, haha~ & right last year I had the chance to meet fellow World Team Members of MJP and help out in Cologne
My big adventure started May 16th and ended May 18th, spent 12 hrs with D, their staff and MJP Members~ It also was a great experience for me due to traveling completely alone, "living" in a big town for 3 days in a row. My goal was to improve my self-confidence and experience the "backstage-feeling" of something I truly love - concerts.

Please take a look at the photos I took during those 3 days maybe you'll even be able to feel 10% of what I felt when taking those...~

16 May 2011 - Arrival in Cologne

 Photo 1: Cologne's well known dome right in front of the train mainstation
Photo 2: Cologne Subway
Photo 3 & 4: Cologne is well-known for a big gay scene; the area around my hostel proved it haha

I decided to challenge myself and booked a bed in shared room; forced to spend the night with complete strangers.
This was my bed:

It was really comfy and huge!!
[I rent a laptop to satisfy my internet addiction...]

 ...yeah, I was basically living on my bed.

Toilet decoration:

Loved that hostels' facillities

And dinner right around the corner:
The place I had dinner at~

17 May 2011: The day of the Adventure

Woke up early, took a shower and had free of charge tea in the hostels living room:

Went to eat breakfast at the same place I had dinner the night before and started to explore the area right around the hostel:

"Work" started at 1 pm, so I had a lot of time to kill...

 Took some photos of the area around the concert hall and went to Burger King to kill the extant minutes by reading and enjoying a soft drink~

Now prepare for a few band photos I took between preparing the merchandise table and counting the merchandise etc:

 D's Soundcheck and part of the merchandise table~


 Asagi talking to technicians~

 Tsunehito cheering for Hirokis drum check~ oh and you can also see part of Asagis arm, holding a fan.

 Asagi and one of my fellow MJP mates Anna
(ahaha she looks so tiny...)

We went out to let the waiting fans in front of the venue sign a German flag and gave it to D before the concert started.
Here you can see them thinking about how and where to place it for the concert:

 Tour Manager showing off his Guitar skills

 Fellow MJP WTM (WTM= World Team Members), Tsunehito & HIDE-ZOU watching him play~

 ...I just had to take a photo of relaxing & smoking Hiroki, sorry.

 Staff yay~

aaaand time jump:

 Stage after the concert & signing session.

 Anna, Ruiza & another WTM goofing around (ca 1 am)

18 May 2011: Day of Departure

 HIDE-ZOU's Guitar Pick his gift to say "Thank you for helping"

Goodbye Cologne...

...and hello home!!

I wont ever forget this experience and...know what?
Maybe I'm going to help out this coming May again... (need to check my finances though..haha)

D VAMPIRE SAGA in EU ~Path of the Rose~ May 17th at Werkstatt, Cologne; Germany

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Check it out right here:

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