Random Life Update

...sorry for my absence.

Today's post includes some photos I took with my iPhone during the last few weeks ENJOY

One of my cats, Fumino. Still one of the most beautiful cats I know...


..no, it's actually my other cat, Mio.

Credits to Hans omg I'm looking so tired...~

Hello EVIL iPhone case, haha~

Wore an extremely old Dir en Grey Shirt that day...

...tried to take a stylish photo of my shoes/leggings/sleeve.

Started to play MEGU ♥♥ so cute~

Oh and I ordered part of a japanese School Uniform !!!
I'll review it asap the quality is amazing

Still drinking my diet shake! Yes!

Current nails:
[didn't take a proper shot...sorry. this was actually only meant for Ande's eyes haha.]

Mio again:

Ah and yesterday I went to record an interview for university


PS: Are you guys interested in seeing some photos I took for a uni-project?

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