Sorry Sorry Sorry

Good morning everyone

Herewith I'd like to apologize for not commenting on any blogs and not posting any updates on my own blog as well...university, work and rl was basically eating my life.
Now there are only 3 exams left until semester break YEEHA!
I'll be back with lots of posts (and comments!!) next week please continue reading my blog.

Oh btw; would you guys be interested in seeing my collection of band shirts? Or the shoes I own?
Also I'm trying to get a new haircut/-color by next week as well...hopefully it'll turn out how I want it to.
Good luck to myself, haha.

I don't want to bore with you with plain text...so I'm now uploading some random photos I planned to include into future posts:
 Wonderful Re:NO really really love that girls' style!!

 ...hosts, haha. The black haired guys name is Jin...but I forgot the cute ones name.

Monomania Spam:

Love that idea D: I need a hat like that~
 ...cute Yukke (monomania staff) pic

And last but not least:

Shigure (guy on the right) he's now official member of the rhedoric, yay. (the rhedorics guitar: Yusuke Suga (ex 12012))


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