KERA 12/3 ♥ as always: Sharing my fav coords

Yes Guys!
I'm BACK!!
Hello Hello
[Uwah I'm listening to a Kiyoharu live CD right now...I could write down a ton of 'yeah yeah' 'come on' and several other shout outs right now...but I'll try to hold myself back]

[holding back right...]

Is it just me or does that cover not look KERA at all...?
I guess it's her hair and make up...D:

 Jun [Golden Bomber] sixh. mint neko promotion YAY
[Oh I bought one of their necklaces, will show you soon!!]

Miku's KERA time came to it's end D: but he's kind of continueing with an iPhone app
[It should be available by now...need to check it!!]
Well no Miku but:

PIKO cuteness
 Haha he kind of looks like a penguin but I like it~

Now onto the KERA models showing off the current trends:

 Uwaaaah Ayumi!! I love her make up and that outfit is just...omg~ do want

 Haha I own almost exactly that whole coord.
Just my pants are green...different shirt print...and jacket without dots XD

 ...you guys know I like those kind of outfits right?

 Akira wearing her typical style

 Shiratamataaa~ my love for her is growing~

 Speaking about love...HELLO Re:NO

 Ayumi again it'S hard to match leo pattern with stripes...but with that look it's ok!

 The always trendy Hide look

Kind of a more girly look, but I like it

Re:NO x Ayumi shot uwah~

Make Up Tutorials:

I really like the NANA inspired look on the right but omg I can't pull off red lipstick at all..

 Left =

Can't chose O: both looks are amazing~

And last but not least:

Hair Tutorials:

 Kind of chic & cute

 I tried that look so many times in 2o11...but I failed

 Hmn...maybe going to try that one today~

 Haha I love how you can tell from the steps that they are using A TON of fake hair!! 

...too cute!!! D: 

PS: Scans are obviously by tao-books.com; I wont ever understand those huge RIGHTINTHEFACE watermarks...


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