Photography Storyboard for Uni

Some of you were asking for the photos so here you guys go ~
Let me explain the rules first:

We had to work in groups of 2 people; each of us had to shoot photos and create a storyboard.
My groups' goal was to show our differences in daily life; of course we chose to show the extreme. [Sex, Crime and Drugs were not allowed btw - boo]
 My partner was a girl that is like..well, really different compared to me haha~ I'll show you my part of the Story:

Waking up in the morning:

I usually wake up around 7 am.
[Partner: Around 11 am ( I dont't have to tell you that her bed is looking completely different right?)]


 Diet Shake.
[Partners breakfast: bread rolls & chocolate cream]

Getting ready to meet friends:

I chose to show a day where I'm heading to an Anime Convention/Meet Up.

Means of Transportation:

[Partner: Car. Always.]

Meeting friends:


 Manga, yay. (of course I'm reading books, too...but we chose to show off an extreme difference right)

Instruments we play:

...probably my favorite part.

Favorite Music:


And things we do to chill:


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