The Last Men Standing - Hanami Ludwigshafen 2012

The Last Men Standing.
Oh, wait. That's not the beginning...

Everything began with Pizza...

I told you guys I've been to an Anime Convention last weekend, right?
Well the official start was Saturday 5. Inofficial start for us Volunteers was Friday 6.
The Convention Orga treated us to some Pizza!

Maxi's place to work at was the Maid Café.
Can you spot her Photo?
(yeah, turquoise hair)

 The Outside.

 The Inside.

This is what I basically saw all day long (especially on Saturday):

Yeah, I've been working at the Info Office.

Nonetheless I was able to visit the Host Club "Sweet Spice"! Yay!

I loved their mascot really cute~
Also the guy we chose (Maxi, Anna & me) was really funny, cute and courteous
Thanks a lot for keeping us company!!
(Anna says he was "cute,  very friendly and ready to talk about his job as a hustler")
I cant remember the name of the Cocktail I had...but it was made by really hot girls that were working at the Host Club too (kind of Tomboy Hosts?)

I also attented a Japanese Cooking Course

 Unfortunately we only learned how to prepare Fruit Salad with a kind of Mochi
It was really delicious though!

There also was a Ball Saturday Evening~

It seems like people enjoyed it a lot~
The dress code was pretty strict and I was only allowed to take a look because I've been a Volunteer Worker haha

Oh speaking about dress codes!
Anna and me wore School Uniforms!!!
No one took photos of us though haha

The weather was horrible the whole weekend long...

I didn't get to take a lot of Cosplay Shots, but here is what I got:

 Ghostbuster Back!

 Madoka Magica!

 Lychee Light Club!

 & Durarara!!

..of course I took loads of photos of my friends:

 ...ignore my face on the left haha my friends were bothering me and forcing me to take photos

My favorite shot of Sashi

Fortunately I was able to spend some time with friends on Sunday, I even got to eat Sushi with Jasmin & Co

I had about 4 hours of sleep per night and I was not looking forward to help cleaning the dealers tent but I promised it to KingPlayer.de and so here we go...:

 The sun was still shining and we had some daylight to get rid of the masses of Anime Figures & other merchandise.
 Not so much daylight anymore, still fun.

 Erm who needs daylight anyway.

...it's way cooler to have a Car in front of the door enlightening our tent with its flood lights.
[PS: the poster back there shows Anna and me; it's a promotion poster for the Showgroup I'm part of. This is why I chose the title "The last men standing". Our poster was the last thing in the whole tent. The last piece of Convention. Also Anna and me were the last Volunteer Helpers (we've been there until 11 pm). The last men standing.]

Ironically I spent the best time of the convention with those dealer guys. The Convention Orga itself was damn unorganised this time and I didn't have enough time to enjoy with friends...~ Luckily Anna was with me most of the time especially when being with Kingplayer.de

GETS Post following soon!!!

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