Fashion Inspiration May #1

I'm back!!

The convention was really exhausting...but of course it had it's good sides as well.
I'd love to talk about all the stuff I've seen and bought right now...but I was kind of too lazy and exhausted to upload the convention photos and so I decided to post a Fashion Inspiration post instead


Let's start, as usual, with monomania Staff Coords

 Tacchan wearing a Shirt I recently ordered on ebay haha (just without the dotted part around her shoulders)
She also got extensions...I'm not sure whether I like it or not.

 Another great Tacchan shot love her Make Up

 Haha yeah monomania can be really colorful too!!

Random Fashion Coords:

 COLU & Harajuku Fashion Rocker Yuu

monomania items I'd like to get:

 Super ugly amazing shirts

 ...I'm pretty obsessed with this kind of style lately

& random inspiration:

meto [mejibray] !
His look is amazing!!!

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