Real Life Update ♥

Good evening ♥ 
This is post #336...not bad D:

Let me share some of the photos I took with my mobile during the last weeks:
L: I bought new gift wrapping paper I LOVE to wrap gifts haha~
R: Started a new training schedule @gym last sunday...it basically killed me

The weather in Germany has finally become better it's 19°C today, my favorite temperature

 With summer coming there's also more storms coming, love it

 My MEGU is so manly, isnt it? He feels happiness and is smiling with hopeful eye. Just look at his glorious smile on the left side.
Re:NO's MEGU is upper cute haha

 I found a gray hair!!!!!
& I bought a new 2nd hand top (on the right) (ps I took this pic at work haha)

Last week we had a kind of practical week @university. Our job was to create a podcast for a certain topic. Can you guys guess which pullover I was wearing when I took this photo? haha

 Look at that yummy potatoe!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally ate at a place right next to my favorite Asian local in Mannheim and it was DELICIOUS.
Oh I also spotted some Super Heros in the City, including Sailor Moon.

 Guess who got new shooooeeeessss ♥♥♥ yes IIIII diiiidddd~
Thanks to my Sparkle Baby Ande ♥♥♥

Shoe Close Up. They are hairy. It feels disgusting.

 Last Sunday I met Maxi to hang out in Heidelberg later we met Anna and 2 of her friends to watch IRON SKY at the movie theater
Iron Sky is such a hilarious movie. You guys have to watch it...definitely...

And last but not least:

My MEGU evolved!
It's a Chihuahua now...it became even more manly yay.

PS: I'm going to be a Volunteer at an Anime Convention in Ludwigshafen this weekend. Any of my readers also attending Hanami?

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