26th July - Exams done! Heading to Hamburg!

Good evening dear readers
I've been away for quite some days now, sorry!
People who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook know I've been to Hamburg
It's a port so expect lots of ship photos with my upcoming posts!! 

Let's start with day 1.
I actually had to write an exam in the morning, so I took my suitcase with me. I was surprised to see another guy with a similiar suitcase right next to me on the train!

Luckily I finished the exam early and so I went to the city to get some lunch before riding a train for 5 hours.
Sake-Don yum~

I've been longing for some Bubble Tea and suddenly noticed this sign:
One of my favorite Bubble Tea stores is now selling Onigiri!!!!
Oh my~ first place that sells Onigiri over here, definitely going to try one tomorrow!!

My luggage

Arriving in Hamburg my mom was already waiting for me. She already went to Hamburg by car in the morning (along with my aunt, 2 cousins, uncle, grandma & 2 foster children - yes, it was stressful).

First stop:

Our Hotel.

Loved the bathroom!!
[and I forgot to bring a white bra D: damnit]

Flatscreen yay!

2nd stop:

Lion King Musical!!!!

[press photo, credits to Lion King Musical]

We actually had to cross a river to reach the venue!!

Due to us being late the whole ferry boat has been empty!


Arriving at the venue!

Well being late had a big disadvantage..
we were'nt allowed to enter the hall right away. So I took some photos of the area~

During break

The show has been amazing, I loved the stage setting and the costumes!!!
Also some of the actors were really impressive...I was just missing a high point!

Leaving the venue the sun was already gone and we had to wait a few minutes to hop on an empty ferry.
Huge Nana ass! (Niki de Saint Phalle)

Time to head back to the Hotel!
Hamburg Mainstation by night

Stay tuned

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