27th July - Hamburg in the morning

& I'm back

Preparing everything for Ande's stay right now (she'll be here until next week, so probably a small blog-hiatus again...sorry guys), but I already planned this post - here we go

Right after the Lion King Musical we went back to the Hotel and I had my first relaxed night after exams.
Plans for Friday were: Browsing through a few shops in Hamburg  & a little sight seeing in the morning

Small explanation: there are several strike-villages in Germany; Hamburg owns one of them. I saw it for the first time (but it's not as impressing as Frankfurt's is!)
I especially liked the booth you can see below:

It's a kind of "Grab everything you want - give everything you want" booth (for free)!
Heidelberg has the book-only version of this, love the idea.
(my look of the day on the right btw)

Entrance of the small village (the grave says "constitution")

Information booth~

Supermarket around the corner surprised me a lot:
They had tons of "trendy" drinks for rather cheap prices!!

Next to the strike-village there was a small "festival"
That ship-booth was impressing!!

Of course everything in Hamburg is sailor themed

Pirate flag!

Inside of 'Galeria Kaufhof'; I've never seen such a small escalator!

Street Art


Stylish trash can

Town Hall

Oh oh oh guys!!! I found a wonderful store ♥♥ some of you may already know it: It's MONKI

Their design is really close to monomanias, just look at the runny black tags! MONKI is owned by H&M and it's a skandinavian brand with Japanese influence skandinavian minimalistic meets japanese street style
Unfortunalety I only bought a very small item...because they have an online shop I thought "okay so let's not spend so much money on your trip, you can buy that stuff online"
HAHAHA - fml of course the 2 items I wanted to order are not available online....

Another cool store I didn't know:
Elbenwald! They offer everything nerdy - like TONS of Harry Potter merchandise, Lord of the Rings, Batman etc...

The weather has been quite amazing usually I hate 30°C but in Hamburg it obviously doesn't feel like 30°C because there's a mild wind coming from the ocean...

Next post will be about my aunts super German home & more (haha)

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