27th July - Lübeck-Travemünde


Ande's on her way back to the USA and I'm back to blogging again
[going to post about her 2nd stay at my house asap ]

Today I'd like to continue my Hamburg posts!
I already started to blog about July 27 [Hamburg in the morning] & now I'd like to talk about the happenings right after!

So my Mom got quite a few siblings and due to that fact, I've got quite a good number of aunts & uncles. Due to my Mom living in a completely different area I never got to know all of my relatives and I was especially happy to be able to get to know my aunt Karla! She's a Tailoress and I knew she'd would be an interesting person!!

As soon as she opened the door I felt like grabbing my DSLR and shoot everything close to me. Unfortunately that would be kind of rude and so I just happened to take some shots with my iPhone
Can you believe someone is still using a telephone like this? Well yeah, my aunt does.
She married quite a few years ago and her husbands name is "Eule" ( "Owl"); he is obsessed with printing (not with a computer, he's using a really old printing machine !!! ) and the tissue on the right is printed by him. It says "Welcome to the owl nest" I also envied them for owning such beautiful dinnerware!!!

Some decorations

My aunt is living close to Lübeck-Travemünde and therefore we went to have dinner on a kind of ship-restaurant

I couldn't control myself and had to start taking photos even before the dinner was ready !

Idk why I love this shot so much...but everything looks so well placed! Like a perfect background for some fashion shootings etc...

Hoarding completely covered in save all!

I'm calling one of my friends "Hans" and so I totally had to take a photo of "Hansine"


For sale

Such a nice and calming place ...!

One of the best Playgrounds I've ever seen

Pirates are coming!!!!!

Completely black

I really hope you guys enjoy those shots people that are living close to a bay may be bored by looking at ships aso but I'm a city kid and I barely see stuff like that

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