KERA - My personal highlights 12/08

Aloha everyone!
Did you already miss my KERA posts?
Well I did!!

Here we go, issue 12/08

Let's start with some KERA models:

 Akira fanservice alert!

 OMG I really love those pants on the left side...I can't even explain why, but they attract me A LOT
Right side: Shiratama I should totally start to wear damaged tights again...(didn't wear them for years...; probably only because I gained weight)

L: Galaxy trend is still going on
R: Coords like these totally make me want to try Lolita...I couldn't wear it often though

Punk Rock Make Up Tutorial worn by RAICHI

Street Shots:

 L: Extremely lovely coordinate!!! (I hate her for being able to afford Tokyo Bopper shoes tho)
R: This girl looks pretty tall...but I guess her wedges help a lot. I didn't think fake collar + chocker would look good, but it does!

The girl on the left doesnt look interesting, but I really like the Girl on the right side she's kinda tomboyish and pulls off her overall pretty good!!

Have you ever noticed the Zodiac Sign Illustrations in KERA?
This issue had pretty awsome ones and therefore I'll share them with you:

 Which one is your favorite? Are you satisfied with the illustration of your zodiac sign?
I'm a little bit disappointed that my sign (aquarius) is the only one with hair put up to a bun~ but she's quite pretty, so I'll ignore that part my favorites are actually Scorpio, Libra and Pisces!

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