Fashion Inspiration Special - everything BUT monomania


Today's Fashion Inspiration is going to be different - I'll share everything BUT monomania!
You know usually 80% of my Inspriation posts are monomania coords and I thought I should give you a break (before I'm going to continue spaming monomania photos within the upcoming posts).

In my most recent post about KERA I already let you know that Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) was wearing a top I'd like to include in my next fashion post, so here we go starting with exactly that top:

It's part of HIRO / HONEY'S DEAD recent collection ♥
How to wear it? Not that hard:

 I guess it kinda works like a poncho

So yeah some of you may have noticed that brand in my previous fashion posts, too. I'd actually like to buy at least one piece of their range - but they are even more expensive than monomania.

 Love their tag

Another piece I like is the jacket below:
  That print is adorable ♥

Some HIRO guys:
(I actually love guys dressed like that)

And shoes:

Huge contrast: COCO LULU

 Love those overalls ♥ (could never wear them though) - same with the pants on the right (well I guess I could wear those...but not exactly in COLU sizes)

 The photo on the left is a great one in general, the coordinate on the right side is actually typical COLU for me (& I love it)

 Wonderful CO&LU caps to the left ♥
& a super pretty white blouse WITH RIBBON BUTTONS HOLY SHIT 

Not CO&LU:
 (I forgot where I found the left photo...but I love it, it's mega stylish)
& the guy holding that extremely cute top on the right is Golden Bomber's Jun

Of course I can't ever ignore KERA models:
 Look at Shiratama ♥♥♥ she's a huge inspiration for me, especially because we seem to share one closet

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(click the picture)

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