Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase

Good evening

Scrolling through the comments I received for the question "what would you like to see more in my blog?" I noticed that 90% of you would love to know more about my personal life. I actually tend to think it's not interesting enough to blog about, but..well, I'll try to blog more about myself from now on let's start right now! There are tons of iPhone shots I didn't share with you yet.

Let's start with a quick example of what I do at University!

Part of my study is to explore each kind of media, photos below were for our Student's Newspaper for example:

 I chose to write about trend food (Frozen Yoghurt & Bubble Tea) - back in November 2011 btw.

Next to PRINT media there is the AUDIO part, our job was to create a podcast (my team's topic was sustainability in transport btw)

Another part is VIDEO probably my favorite next to PRINT

Places I recorded interviews at:

 Photo 1-3: "Theater on Tour" for Children
Photo 4-6: Home of a lady in Heidelberg that is well known for her great success in supporting homeless persons

Well but it's not just based on practical experiences - there's a shit ton of theory as well

 Photo example: Communication Conception - Analysis (Briefing, Setting of Tasks etc..)

Besides Uni there are several other things I do on a regular basis.

Example #1: Dance Lessons (almost) every Sunday in Neustadt

Example #2: Gym (Tuesday & Thursday)

 Pretty fancy, eh? Haha (it's the most cheap one in Germany though)

My 2nd semester is coming to it's end right now. Only things left:
- finish a portrait (journalistic portrait) until 23rd
- exam #1: 24th
- exam #2: 26th

(And maybe heading to Hamburg right after exam #2 )

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