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Happy Monday everybody!

I finally flipped through all the giveaway entries (683 in total) and unfortunately I found some cheaters D: shame on you guys!

Well I myself won something great with hosting the Giveaway too. Those of you who participated may remember that one entry was about answering the question "What do you want to see more of in my blog?" & I'm really happy to see that so many people answered that question!!
The results are quite surprising...I'll share them with you; beginning with the most popular answer:

1. More Coord/OOTD posts of myself!
...O: thank you guys so much!! I'm not used to take a lot of photos of myself..especially whole-body shots...but I'll try my best and post OOTD posts asap!!

2. Personal Entries / Daily Life
And thanks again! I guess my blog should be more about MYSELF in general eh..?

3. Product Reviews (Circle Lense, Make Up, Nail Art Products etc...)
Most surprising answer! I heard a lot of people that said some blogs psot way too many reviews...I'm extremely glad to see you guys want to see MORE of them in my blog...!

4.Fashion Inspiration Posts
YES! I can keep on spaming monomania photos haha!!

5. More photos of myself in general
... such a cute answer

6. Tutorials
...really? O: I don't think I'm talented in anything...but I can try to do tutorials of course...! (motivates me to become better)

7. Make Up
I rarely wear photo-worthy make up to be honest...!

8. Cosplay
YAY glad some of you like those posts too!!

9. Travel Posts
I love them myself, so I'll keep on posting them there are still some Tokyo shots left haha

10. GETS / Hauls

11. Nail Art
Thank you!! Right now my nails are unpainted...but I'll pimp them up soon!

Rare Answers:

- more KERA posts
- Videos (holy shit I'm too shy for videos)
- Events ()
- Anime/Manga
- Games
- Music
- Baking (yes, someone said she wants to see me baking. Trust me, I'll do that!)

...ahahaha, I'm pretty mean for writing that big text before I actually announce the winners, right?
That way most of you are definitely going to read the first part though :3 

Now let's announce the winners!!

The  かわいい Set goes tooooooooooo



The かっこいい Set goes toooooooooooo

Yvette Yuri !!!

Thank you to all of those who participated I really appreciate your support and I hope you won't unfollow me now only because you didn't win D: 


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Sashi said...

Yeay das nenn ich Glück ;3 thank You so much