German Anime Convention - Connichi ♥

Prepare for a ton of Cosplay Shots guys!!

'Connichi' is the name of the biggest Anime Convention in Germany (Kassel) and it's an annual event since 2002. Unfortunately I missed the first one but I continued to visit this exciting event since 2003 and am always looking forward to it every year!!

Last Friday my wait was finally over - I headed out to Kassel around 9 am.

Idk why but Blogger decided to show the left picture first...
So...the picture on the right is showing my luggage
Unpacking my luggage at the hotel in Kassel made me realize I only brought Cat-Print shirts with me...
Top to Bottom: Funny Glam, monomania, Sixh. Mint Neko

I usually don't buy a Convention Ticket for Fridays because I always arrive in Kassel pretty late..
This time we arrived around 2 or 3 pm, checked in at the Hotel and went out to eat!!
Anna and me decided to try a kind of Modern-Asia-Somewhat-Restaurant:

We didn't choose one of their Asian dishes though because they were offering something quite interesting:
Burger with fried potato patty instead of bread! Yum!!

Later we went to the Convention Location to walk around on the outside, say hi to friends, pick up Anna's Convention tickets & check out the free part of the Convention.

Sneaky me had to take a photo of an Ace (One Piece) Cosplay....! He was almost perfect..!
I don't know whether you guys remember but back in May I was helping an Anime Merchandise Shop at another Convention...Kingplayer! They were having a booth at this one too and we passed by to say hi~ luckily one of them gave us their Dealer Ticket and so we could check out the Dealer booths at the inside, too!! Another advantage of knowing them: Cheaper Merch!! And so I was finally able to buy this guy...:

Gekko Moriah!!! I know I already own 3 figures of him - BUT THIS ONE IS HUGE
I'll totally take better pictures of him soon - he deserves a seperate post!
Anna bought that awsome One Piece Hoodie totally had to try it and take a pic...~!


 Unluckily my group Cosplay got canceled 2 weeks before and so I didn't have time to prepare a new one...I've been quite pissed but I decided to wear my School Uniform once again - this time with one of my wigs.

First task after arriving at the venue:


 Hotasfuck Seymor! (FF X)

 Digimon Cosplays~ I've been too impatient to wait for them to cross the street haha...

 Bunny (Tiger & Bunny)
Ciel & Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) loved their decorations!!

Dolly & Arlong (One Piece)

 Idk where this is from but I loved her look!!! Her speaker even played music

 Nobara & Ririchiyo (Inu x Boku SS)
(The Nobara Cosplayer is Anna btw ♥)

 GUNDAM Cosplays are always impressing right...?!

 Perona, Nami & Ace (One Piece)

 Demon Sebastian, Alois & Claude (Wonderland Version) (Kuroshitsuji)

 Vivi & Sogeking (One Piece)

 Joker (Kuroshitsuji) that girl was so attractive...!!

 Stunning Game Cosplays....!!!
[I love well posing Cosplayer btw]

 And another Kuroshitsuji Group!
Ciel, Demon Sebastian & Ash Landers

Fanservice Shot WOHOOO [that Sebastian girl was hella attractive too btw...]

[and a dog with a balloon] 

 Dead Alice & another huge Cosplay (this guy is famous for doing huge Cosplays in Germany btw...he originally is a teacher haha)

 Vegeta & his Dad (Dragonball)
Adekan Cosplays!!! Anri (left one) looks perfect!!!!

 Sailor Moon Girl
Harajuku Fashion Girl

Random Shots:

 And a few more Cosplays:
 VK Cosplays

 Kuroshitsuji & Harajuku Fashion

 Cure Rhytm (it's Sashi btw ) & Sashi's Friends (I don't know their Cosplays sorry D: )

Later on we went to a small Blogger Meet

 Some of our bags & Jenny, her friend & Totoro!!

Conny & Jenny
[thanks a lot for spending so much time with us Conny ♥ I'm looking forward to meeting you again!]
[Jenny: Let's try to hang out some more next year haha ♥]
[...and I hope you'll be able to spend some more minutes with us next time Senja ]

 Jenny & Maikel

Anna & I (Photo Credits to Jenny)

 This is the car of one of our friends...I don't have to mention that several Cosplayer took photos in front of it right?

 In the evening there was a kind of Akiba Idol Concert: Faylan, Yoko Ishida & Chihiro Yonekuda
There were a lot more people but I took a photo of the standing crowd (almost only men btw) only. Me and 3000 other people were chilling in the seated part.

After a whole Convention day my Lashes were gone and the Wig has had it's better days too haha...

Anna was still looking great though!

Around 10 pm we prepared for another Convention Special: Party @ Gleis 1 !
It's a rented club with VK/J-Rock/K-Pop DJ's pretty amusing

Idk why but stupid me didn't take photos of our 'Party Outfits'...~

 Part of the Club inside~

 Jumbo Cocktail cups were out and so we had to start drinking Cocktails out of Beer mugs haha

Thanks to Sashi we got to know a few new people and we enjoyed the night to the fullest

All together Saturday was my favorite day...I woke up 6:30 am and went to bed Sunday 4:30 am...haha....my alarm clock was ringing at 6:30 again and so I only had 2 hours of sleep but I was surprisingly fit!!

Stay turned to read about my GETS and Sunday adventures as well

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

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