Convention GETS ♥

Good evening everyone!

I know I'm pretty late with this post but here I go showing you the things I bought at the Anime Convention Connichi 2 weeks ago

K-ON!! Tsumugi Plush Doll

ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny & La Boom Plush Dolls

Keroro Gunsou Mini Dolls Tamama in cat dress is way too cute!!!

And last but not least:
Nyanpire Keychain!!

Some of you may remember from my last post and/or twitter/facebook that I also bought a giant ONE PIECE Gekko Moriah figure...but I didn't take photos of glorious him yet D: I'm sorry. He'll definitely have a seperate post soon

PS: Getting ready for work now...gotta work fr/sa/su (;A;)

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