Anime Convention Connichi - Sunday

Good morning

So I forgot to add some pictures to the GETS post...~

At Anime Conventions there usually is a tight schedule and some VIP's are there as well.
This year the Mangaka VIP's were Hinako Takanaga & Ayano Yamane due to me being a Shonen-Ai fan I couldn't resist attending their signing sessions (*____*)

Hinako Takanaga:

 Ah ♥ she was looking exactly like I imagine a Mangaka to look like haha~
And she was also surprised that I could write some Japanese ♥ yay

Ayano Yamane:
 Didn't look like a typical Mangaka at all!! Curly bleached hair, false lashes, heavy Make Up, evening gown!! Not bad Yamanesan~

I also bought cute Korean stationery at Sweet Tickets booth

 That cat is too cute right?

Program, event ticket/s, voucher & a Ayano Yamane Postcard (got it for free at the signing session)

Ok so let's take a look at the few Sunday shots I got:
(no Cosplay sorry ;; I've been too busy)

 Took that picture right after Hinako Takanga signing session! (that's why you can spot it on the bottom part)
(monomania shirts are huge....!)

Unfortunately our plans for the way back home spontaneously changed....the guy we were supposed to get back with didn't have any free seats in his car anymore (due to a broke car of his brother). Well that's not too bad of a reason but he could at least let us know about it earlier..that way we wouldn't have panicked being in Kassel at 2pm with no plans on how to get back home (5 hours away).
I contacted about 30 people via sms and/or calls...trying to make it possible to get back home without spending a shit ton of money for an express train.
Luckily Conny reacted really fast and snatched two free seats in her friends car!! They were living close to us, so there was no problem taking us with them ♥♥ thank you so much Conny..!

 Well of course the ride back wasn't happening without any fails....let me just say one thing: we were sitting at a rest stop for 3~4 hours haha.

Around 10 or 11 pm we finally reached the train station of the city next to mine!!
I was just hopping on the next train towards home and took this photo Gekko Moriah had a free seat on my luggage.

PS: Sorry for 10000 grammar fails haha. I'm super tired...came home from work at 2 am and now I'll leave for work again only 10 hours later...ugh. But I wanted to blog today! Have a nice sunday everyone!

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