Red contacts anyone?

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About a week ago I received my first sponsored lenses by Geocolouredlenses !
This time it was my choice to pick the lense & I really wanted to try the new GEO Color 9 Series...especially the RED Versions!!

Details about the lense:

Power Range: 0.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

They are available in several colors & power ranges:

GEO AN-A42 (Deep Blue), GEO AN-A44 (Choco Brown), GEO AN-A45 (Moon Grey), GEO AN-A46 (Pure Hazel), GEO AN-A48 (Deep Red) are available in 0.00 ~ -8.00.

GEO AN-A41 (Violet), GEO AN-A43 (Kiwi Green), GEO AN-A47 (Light Red), GEO AN-A49 (Aqua Blue) are available in plano / 0.00 only.

 The ones I chose are GEO AN-A47 (Light Red) - Plano only

 The lenses were safely wrapped and included a geocolouredlenses.com business card, a GEO 'Instruction for use' & a free lense case (with paws on it!!)

 This is what the lense looks like in the case the color looks kinda pink~redish

The color changes a lot depending on the light...so I am sorry for sharing so many different lighted photos!

 This one shows the color the best. From far away people may think your eyes are a normal brown.

 Having a closer look or looking at you in direct sunlight they will notice it's red though!

 Detail Shot without Make Up

Detailed Review:

Style ★★★★★

  Red Circle Lenses, finally! & they even blend perfectly, even though it's not a natural color

Color ★★★
I wish they would pop out a tiny bit more...!

Enlargement Effect ★★★
Due to being 'only' 14.2 mm they don't enlarge your eyes that much
(this is my favorite size though)

Comfort ★★★★★
Wore them for about 8 hours - no problems at all
(you should have some eyedrops with you though)

Also Geocolouredlenses.com provide you with Free International Shipping! (if you buy more than 4 pairs they even sponsor express shipping, not bad)
Another thing that stood out: All of their lenses are approved and original GEO lenses and therefore you don't have to worry about receiving fake (& probably unhealthy) lenses at all.

Last but not least a few more shots that show the light differences:
 (I've been totally unphotogenic yesterday...haha)
Bathroom Light & Window Light

 Window Light & Daylight

Window Light (in Bathroom) again haha.

PS: Get your own pair for only USD 20.90 right here they are perfect for Halloween, VK Look and/or Harajuku Lovers

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