Fashion Inspiration October #1

Gah I still have so many sommer-coords left in my fashion folder D:
Prepare for a tiny ton of photos this time haha~ (I need to clean that folder...!)

Let's start with jewelry!

This is what the jewelry section at monomania looks like:
 Black, Silver, White & Gold

 Blingy Studs? YAY xD

 I don't know why but I really like that all-white stuff...just imagine wearing them with a black coord!!

 Same to huge necklaces!! I want to wear something like that with an all-black shirt *_______*

Other accessories:

 Wonderful tights it's a pity I'm too tall & fat for Japanese tights...~
(they are only 500 Yen at monomania each)
Do you guys know the DOG boutique in Tokyo? Such an interesting store...! (But super expensive too)

Now onto coords; let's start with monomania again:

 Do you guys remember the cat shirt? I wore it on a photo in one of my latest posts

 That guy is new - his name is Daichi. He came shortly after Yukke left the Laforet store~

 This girl's name is Kei - she's usually one of the catalogue models for monomania:

 I love the shape that overall creates!!

 Kanemasa, the guy on the right, is the head of monomania btw. You can find him at the Osaka store~

 Cat Shirt again

NANA she's definitely one of my fav monomania staff girls!

 Her outfits are amazing right~?

 That necktie-idea...! Pretty cool!

Love that top

And now last but not least:

Non-monomania inspirations haha:

 Miyavi & Kiyoharu!!
Both looking cool as fuck!!

Lemme be skinny enough to wear pants like that D: they are stunning!

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