RL Update ♥ - Hair, Job & more

So before posting a shit ton of drafted posts about the happenings of the past months I'll update you guys with a few things of my private life~

I quit my part time job at the design store in July and started to work for a well-known cinema chain, Cinemaxx. The reason was simple. Design Store: working 1-3 times a month (less money). Cinema: working 3 times a week (more money!!). The left photo is showing me in my work uniform~ yep, I have to wear my hair like that.
Right pic shows the current state of my hair, I bleached 40% of it. It was meant to become gray, faded after a few days though. So now I'm black/blonde/gray/blue.

Have I ever mentioned that my mom is working for a residential home for the eldery?
Well yeah, she does. And she also knows that I like to take photos, so she asked me whether I could take new pictures of the secretaries. During taking the photos one of the ladies joined us and asked me whether I could take a picture of her:
Turns out to be my favorite shot.

Group Photo of the secretaries ♥

Ugh I know I shouldn't eat too many snacks...but some things are just too delicious.
..like these donuts for example. Heaven on earth.

I recently noticed the header function on Twitter. Changed it immediately
Right picture shows my hair in the front~

Shigure (the Rhedoric (I blogged about this guy quite a few times already haha)) is holding a monthly 'survey' where he's asking his followers a question; like "What's your favorite Ghibli movie?" and he's answering each of the comments he receives it made me happy to see his highly cute reply to my comment.

...can someone please explain my love for Tatsuro? He's like the weirdest guy on earth.
Also, that MEGU on the right looks like Yukke.

Another picture of the new hair~ I don't like it that much. But it was expensive...so I'll try to pull it off some more days.
2 weeks ago it was Anna's birthday the pic on the right shows one of her selfmade cupcakes; extremely delicious!!!!

Random shot with Maxi & Mewe~

A few days ago I stumbled on a dating game on ameba. Turns out Kiyoharu is a special guest for a limited time. Holy shit...dating Kiyoharu? HELL YES. Want to see my upper fangirlish ameblo post about it? Go right HERE.
Right picture shows my future-husband Tatsurou. It's his look for HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA (already ordered my copy release: 10/14 )

Tatsurou's cat Teto

In August my favorite penpal Ande visited me for the 2nd time (detailed post following soon) she tried our deo sprays for the first time and she fell in love immediately. So...
...this haul was for her. It's already on the way to the US~

Found this bag while shopping deo; bought it (also for Ande)

Part of the cinema I'm working at~ See the lines? Sometimes they never stop.

And now last but not least:
Kind of a Coordinate Shot! & me at work (during break); that couch is so trashy...

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