Rant & "What? I still didn't post this...?" #2 - Uni Event & a few GETS

Ok so becuase I feel like talking today I'll start this entry with a few words that are make me cry right now:

When did it start that everything you have to be to become popular is rich & thin?
Everything I see is girls AND boys talking about losing weight. Everyone is in need of money, everyone is almost passing out by stressing theirselfs too much. University & 1-3 jobs? Totally normal nowadays.
It makes me sick that you don't even have to be beautiful...everything you have to be is thin. And some money wouldn't be bad either. You have to follow the trends you know. Or completely fight against them to stand out. Because this is how it flows.

And you know what? I'm one of this sick humans.
I'm trying to lose weight every day. I'm bad with diets, but everything I do is stressing about how to lose weight. Eating sweets & fast food doesn't even make me happy anymore. It came so far that my stomache doesn't seem to like any food anymore. I may have a problem with food, yes.
Also I'm working part time for a very low pay. Why? Because I now have regular work shifts and therefore regular payment. Lack of sleep between University & Job is okay for me now.
I could possibly write a whole book about this topic...but I think I'll stop talking now.

University started again yesterday and so this topic fits quite well:

Once or twice a year my university is holding a event organized by the students.
This time our topic was 'Communication instead of Confrontation'.
As it is a pretty high class event with VIP guests we were forced to dress up.

Well yeah this is how I dress up. Looks way more elegant than my usual look. I tried to combine chic with my personal style though. Successful?


Sponsor Flyer & Flyer of our event.

The venue used to be an airport; quite cool:

Event Start:


I'm not a big fan of Afri Cola, but I got it for free...so here we go!
Event photos stop now. Right one shows one of my looks shortly after.

Recent Tatsuro GET :

Other GETS

Hetalia Manga & Fairytale Fights Game for PS3

Left: Random Lady wearing a Yukata @ a German trainstation
Right: Kitchen @ University

Had to buy these super cute design

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