Fashion Inspiration - October #2

What? Regular Posts? Wow

Today I'd like to start with non-monomania inspirations:

 Yep, I'm still a fan of CO&LU

 I'd love to own this shirt in black completely love both looks to the right ->

 Also Ayako Shiratama will always be one of my inspirations

 HONEY'S DEAD's clothes are really amazing, too.
Especially their Jackets....!

<- Please take a closer look at this shirt if you like zombies
 Ayumi (KERA) wearing Ayako Shiratama's brand STIGMATA
Also look at the guys hair to the right~ I guess you guys already noticed that it's now trendy to form animal ears with your own hair, right? I'd totally like to try that someday...

Now onto the monomania inspirations

 Oh Tatsu... I totally knew she'd pull off sunglasses like that.
Also the top to the right is amazing! " A hungry man is not a free man "

 Fell in love with that scarf at first sight
(the girl at the photos is a new monomania staff btw; Raira)

Remember those hats? I can remember one of the Gyaru brands sold them last year...well, 2012 monomania are selling them haha~

 One of the monomania Tokyo staff girls is pretty much into cute clothes...I respect how much she can turn monomania clothes into Lolita/Fairy Kei/Docora...!

New Accessories:
 Super stylish Sunglasses (this one is my favorite; they offer around 15 types)

The new clothes:
Pretty much Grunge Style right?

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