Meeting one of my Penpals ♥ Tomoyuki

Good evening everyone!
How are you guys doing?
Thank you very much for many comments on my last posts I appreciate them a lot!

You guys know I'm totally late with posting about my life right? Haha~
Some of you may remember that I have a few penpals and from time to time I'm able to meet at least some of them (3 so far) Some months ago one of my penpals let me know, that he'll be in Germany soon and asked me to show him my area. Of course, let's do it!

On day #1 we were heading to Mannheim, didn't take photos on that day though.
Day #2: Heidelberg the weather has been perfect

After sight seeing we went to have dinner:
Turkey-Burger @ Hardrock Café
& bio ice cream matching nail color, wohoo!!

As the title of this post already said: My penpal's name is Tomoyuki
Being a good friend he gave me a little present from Japan:
Green Tea flavored KitKat!!! Hell delicious

Touristy photo of Heidelberg

Later that day we began to feel tired and so we went to a quiet place at the river:

Swan Family

Cool group of mixed nationalities


The opened KitKat I want to eat more of these...!!

PS: If you're ever going to be in Germany (or for those living in Germany: if you're ever around Heidelberg) : let's hang out!

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