What? I still didn't post this...? #3 - Gifts, Foods & Pets

Good evening
I'm not feeling well recently...but nonetheless: 
I still have to post so much to be up to date...ugh

Currently I'm obsessed with these kind of earrings friends & random punks on the street told me I should pierce my ear like that...haha~

This is an Azunyan Figure one of my friends got me he associates me with K-ON

Penpal gets

Ben & Jerry Event:

Free Ice Cream for everyone wohoo

Some months ago I downloaded the Chibi Me app:

These are Anna & Ande

& myself haha

One of my favorite megu's Catass

...this happens when you try to do your nails during class.
Oh and the top on the right is one I bought during summer

One of our local super markets had America Weeks:

Yummy stuff everywhere!

Foster Dog we had for a short time I dubbed her Nana

Mio & Nana

Mio again (gaooo~)

Nice Six (Jewelry Store) Wrapping & me wearing a Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) haha

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