Catch Up #4 - Jewelry, Kigurumi & Allergy Test

Good morning everyone~

Yeah, today it's Saturday and I decidied to blog in the morning!
I still got 5 posts in my draft and I try to post them in a good balance with more recent posts & fashion posts as well...

Halloween is close and I'm going to dress up for work tonight only a little bit though...as I still have to be able to work haha.

Let's have a look at a few photos I took in the last weeks/months:

I already introduced this bow to you; but I didn't introduce the spike necklace yet both combined they are looking amazing!!
Bow Necklace - monomania
Spike Necklace - H&M

Golden Bomber were holding a Dance Contest and to participate I borrowed a Gachapin Kigurumi from Senja

..it's super fluffy!

Bought this cute Sailor Top a while back...it's pretty hard to combine though~
(and it makes me look chubby haha...damnit)
Photo to the right shows part of a dress I was trying at Tally Weijl; didn't buy it.

A while back I did an allergy test...had to bear with itchy things on my back for 3 days:
With & without patches
(Turned out I have another allergy: Quicksilver & Amalgam )

Anna kind of forced me to show you these ugly toys:
Who would buy that? Especially that creepy bunny...!!!

Boob-pastry Anna and me bought from a stag party haha~

Natural Nails (and a Manga I recently started to read: Tokyo ESP )

Nice evening out:

And last but not least:
Riding-the-train-and-spotting-nice-heaven photo

Have a nice weekend!

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