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Good evening everyone!
How are you doing?

I just stumbled on my lj blog and took a look at my old blog posts over there...embarassing shit.
Back then I regularly read An Cafe's Blog and sometimes I posted translations on my own blog...
Idk whether some of you know, but I'm a fan of An Cafe, my favorite member is Teruki. Why?

This is one example:
("Teruki death" is a word-play...it's "Teruki desu" (It's Teruki)

"Teruki death.
Starting from today I, Nagata, have 3 days of no work. So, even though it's the day after a live, I woke up early in the morning and came to the Southern Islands☆ I got on 2 airplane flights and came to Ishigaki Island.

Just like I did at Hachijou island, I was riding around the whole time with a rental bicycle today. Ishigaki island is really just filled with cows! There were also goats too! And of course there's the beautiful ocean, and I'm just getting healed the whole time. I could cry.

Long time ago when I used to live in the main island of Okinawa, I would always get on my moped and just go by myself to places I didn't even know and look for beautiful sceneries. That linked to my trip to Hachijou island the other day. I would get on my moped by myself, and as I look at the map I would roughly decide my destination, but whenever I see an intriguing small path or something, I'd go in...and then in the evening I would of course go to the beach and gaze at the sunset. Also, I would e-mail my family so many times too. I would attach pictures and say "this is ○○!" and such.

When I talked about that to Yuuko san, she said "So that's kind of like Teruki's means of escape?", and that really hit me. But by "means of escape" I don't mean it in a negative way.

As humans live their lives, they have fun times and hard times, right? And I actually think that there are more hard times than fun times. So I feel like the minus elements slowly start to accumulate. And at those times, what's important is if you have an outlet for that. So that's what the "means of escape" I was just talking about is. I think people who have that can reset themselves. And people who don't have that, or people who haven't found it yet just feel more and more pained.

For my case, I guess my means of escape is being alone and placing myself in the middle of nature. AnCafe is super fun, but there's also all kinds of pressure too. Oh, I'll just say this now, but it's not like I'm troubled with anything right now(^_^;) Don't do any unnecessary worrying for me! *laugh*

Below is what was written in Tokyo FM's Mail Magazine↓

When you are alone and surrounded by nature, you can realize all kinds of things. Things like, maybe my worries are actually really small things, or I'm standing only because I've been supported by the kindness from the people around me. There are actually a lot of things you should be thankful for towards everything around you. Even if small, there are a lot.

I can't explain everything in words, but either way you can become more optimistic.

People who are having hard times with friends or co-workers, people who are being bullied at school, people who aren't loved by their family, people who are crushed by expectations given by the people around them. Some day I want to take you here to look at this scenery with me.

For some reason I drank so much alcohol today. Even though I haven't slept that much. Tomorrow I'm going to cross over to Yonaguni island.

I'm glad I got to know AnCafe. Good night."

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