Catch Up #12 - Chihuahua & another Christmas Party


Years ago I couldn't stand them - nowadays I'm in love with them.
Just look at that face:


Unfortunately it's not my own...but thanks to Anna I've been able to spend an evening with him
(his name is Tora btw)


Anna shared some love as well

Train to nowhere:

Do you guys know the App Ikemen Stamp?
(I downloaded it because of one of my favorite models: Kyohei Sano)
Well, this camera future is part of it.
Anna is chilling with Koma'n and Gongon

Unpacking Ande's christmas gifts while skype-ing with her
(I'll show you what's inside soon)

And the last christmas party I went to:
Many years ago I went to a place called "Mädchenwerkstatt" - each friday.
That place offers young girls (12-17 years old) a fully equipped work shop. You can test your handicraft and even create your own jewelry there are some computers as well - so basically you can go there to chill with other girls (yeah, girls only) and ask trained educationists for help I really enjoyed my time there when I was younger

Another part
Luckily a few weeks before this event happened I met one of the educationists that was taking care of me during my time at the "Mädchenwerkstatt". She told me that they planned a christmas party and that she'd love to see me there.

That heart is made by 2 friends & me a kind of group work. I was happy to see that it's attached to the wall.

See the girl wearing studs all over? Yeah, thats me (when I was around 12/13). We took that photo to show my selfmade ring.
Photo on the right shows me wearing my Iron Sky shirt (do you guys know that movie? It's hilarious)

Bought a reindeer skirt ♥♥♥

And random photo:
Saw this Ufo Catcher at a super market nearby - wtf. It's an original Japanese catcher, but the goodies are ugly European ones, ugh.

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