Mutsessions - 11/30 Jap-Ro Festival, Cologne

Another Mutsessions Post

This time it's about the
Jap-Ro Festival in Cologne, Germany

Line Up:

Reasons why I've been going: Chargee (famous drummer), Közi (ex Malice Mizer), free entry
Yeah, free entry! But: only for girls. Due to the fanbase of Japanese musicians in Germany being 70% female I didn't see the meaning behind offering free entry for girls, but...yeah, that part belongs to the organizer.

I'm usually doing some research before attending concerts, I want to be kind of prepared. Another reason is: I don't want to look too out of place.
Luckily my favorite style fits both ZIZ and SPEECIES.

Let's have a look at my Make Up & Jewelry first:

Knuckle Ring: eBay
Spider Ring: Bijou Brigitte
Bracelets: eBay
Spike Necklace: H&M
Stud Bow: monomania

Another Make Up Shot and a "We are almost there!!"-Shot
(Spot Anna & Sashi )

Arriving in Cologne the first thing tourists usually do is:
Taking a photo of the cathedral right next to the main station.

Being used to attending concerts in Cologne we easily made our way to the venue:
"Die Werkstatt".
I've already been to several concerts at this venue and I like it

The venue quickly filled up:
..of course 99% girls.

SPEECIES started:

& ZIZ got the main act:
Whew hands everywhere.

Close to the end of ZIZ's show the merchandise sale began. SADIE (SPEECIES) being not only musician sold limited graphic shirts and didn't care about selling them himself. Thumbs up for that. After ZIZ's show Yugami (ZIZ) supported them as well.

Left shot: SADIE selling merchandise surrounded by fans
Right shot: Yugami selling merchandise

Stuff I got:
SPEECIES "GLAMTRONIK" sticker (for my suitcase)
SPEECIES Hi-Boy Fi-Girl (Album)
Graphic Shirt designed by SADIE
Omega Dripp - Shout at the Neo Devil (Album)

(Chargee is part of Omega Dripp, so they sold their Album as well (and yep, I like Omega Dripp so I got it)
Anna wearing the Shirt

Signed SPEECIES Album

Wonder why I got so much SPEECIES stuff?
Well, after listening to both ZIZ and SPEECIES live, I came to like SPEECIES a lot and grabbed the chance.

Last but not least:
Anna, SADIE & me
(Anna and me kind of look like groupies, don't we?)

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