Catch Up #11 - Christmas Party & obvious Snow-Love

(...weird mix of Mutsuminism & Aloha; stop that)

Only 1 Catch Up post left! Yay!

First shot will probably only be funny for those who can speak German:

Google translator. Hilarious.
As I'm trying to talk to one of my Japanese friends in Japanese only I sometimes use Google to help me translate sentences I don't get. Well, as this certain friend is calling me "キャットリン" (Kyattorin - Kyatto (Cat) and rin (my real name is Catrin; for those who didn't know)). Of course Google Translator is always messing up my name. I usually ignore that fact but...that sentence was just hilarious. Google is translating my name in "Forest cat"; whole sentence: "The physical condition of the forest cat is sad and bad."
Right shot shows part of a rather funny coord.

Shortly after I killed the bacterium I was talking about a few posts ago I caught a cold. This was my breakfast:

The obvious love for snow

Spot the Japanese part. "ソーセージ & グリューワイン" lovely sign for the Japanese tourists haha.
( It says Sausage & Hot spiced wine)

Christmas Ice Cream
(it's supposed to look like a tree)


Even more Snow & me preparing for a Christmas Party at work

Been using Red and Gold to represent Christmas

Yep, we had to wear mascs for the party.

Party shots:

Looks delicious, right?

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